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Why Is Data Privacy Important?

A data security breach can disrupt business operations, damage brand reputation and customer relationships, and attract government investigations and class action lawsuits. Data security breach is a significant risk for most businesses. Also, it is next to impossible to “unring” the bell, so to speak, once private information (such as passwords, credit card numbers and access codes, Social Security details and employees’ history) are leaked.

Forty-seven states have enacted data privacy laws requiring businesses to safeguard employee and consumer information. Federal laws and governing bodies in the healthcare and financial industries also impose data protection requirements. Contractual obligations could mandate increased attention to data security.

Titan Technologies excels in helping companies secure their data against prying eyes and unauthorized use. From initial diagnosis to long-range planning to implementation, Data Security Solutions by Titan Technologies can be set up to meet the individual needs of each company through an adaptable and scalable design.

Download 72-Hour Game Plan for Data Breach (PDF)

Responding to Data Breach

When there is a suspected breach, data must be locked down, a damage control task force must be deployed and an investigation must take place to determine the root cause and assess severity. Companies and organizations must notify affected individuals in the event of a data security breach. Further, a company may be required to demonstrate reasonable efforts to secure its confidential information through an evaluation by a credible third party.

What follow-up risk mitigation steps must be taken to prevent future occurrences of data security breach? Titan Technology can provide critical leadership by working with management to put into place a data security strategy that includes security awareness training, improvements in policies and procedures, as well implementation of a comprehensive security plan.

Businesses that implement preventative security measures can expect:

  • Reduced Risk Exposure – With a comprehensive data security strategy, your company’s proprietary and confidential information will remain in the right hands and under your control.
  • Improved Relationships with Customers – Information is stored and handled appropriately and responsibly. Customers will be more willing to share their information and do business with your company.
  • Competitive Advantages Remain Intact – With access to information on a need-to-know, rules or role-based matrix, leakage of competitive intelligence will remain in check and the company can manage the data appropriately according to pre-determined procedural controls.

To begin taking steps to safeguard your proprietary and sensitive information, contact us or call us at 213.784.3070 today!

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