Hosted Solutions

hosted solutions

Switch to Smarter, More Reliable Hosted Solutions

By switching from traditional hosted services over to one or more Hosted Solutions from Titan Technologies, businesses can collectively improve security and communication while saving time and money on the administrative and equipment costs associated with traditional hosting methods. All hosted solutions are entirely scalable so as to accommodate all types of businesses and growth potentials. In addition to flexibility, Titan Technologies’ hosted solutions also manage all security measures in a constant and proactive manner, further reducing the occurrences of downtime or data loss.

Hosted Solutions from Titan Technologies include:

  • Email Hosting – With hosted email solutions such as Exchange, customers can rely on readily available email conveniently stored within a cloud system for maximum accessibility. Hosted email solutions also capitalize on the latest in spam-blocking technology to help ensure companies are only receiving communication relevant to their business.
  • Phone Hosting (VOIP) – From assessment, to installation, to maintenance – Titan Technologies’ phone hosting services cover a variety of applications and are designed to acclimate to your particular business environment.

To learn more about our hosted solutions, contact us or call us at 213.784.3070 today!

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