IT Project Management

IT project management

Outsource Your IT Project Management

Whether your company has no existing internal IT department or you would like to tackle a project beyond their expertise and scope, Titan Technologies can act as a hired IT project manager to help facilitate the execution of project-based IT solutions.

Drawing from years of accumulated best practice techniques, Titan Technologies will help develop an IT project management strategy customized to your individual project requirements and budget. We can recommend new technology applications to improve network performance and productivity. Whatever your IT project needs may be, Titan Technologies is prepared to help with the issue in a cost-effective, professional manner.

Titan Technologies can provide IT Project Management assistance with projects such as:

  • Analysis of existing infrastructures – Our skilled staff will evaluate your existing infrastructure and help you determine what course of action will best help you achieve your business necessities and objectives. Any underlying system deficiencies or potential issues to efficient business operation will be identified and evaluated before developing a successful strategy that won’t break your budget.
  • Extra resources for special projects – If you require temporary IT project management assistance for special projects such as data migrations, upgrades, or an office move, we can help supply you with the additional resources necessary for successful completion in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Office relocation – While the prospect of an office move is often daunting, we can help ensure that the transition is as close to stress-free as possible. Coming in at the planning phase, Titan Technologies will develop an organized strategy for all aspects of the move – from the disassembly and packing of workstations and peripherals, to the physical relocation of office equipment, to reassembly at the new location. All moves are meticulously planned, so your valuable equipment and infrastructure are not only secure but also architected to be a part of a flexible and efficient design that is readily responsive to future growth and change.

To discuss the specifics of your upcoming IT project management needs, contact us or call us at 213.784.3070 today!

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