Mobile Device Support

On-the-Go Mobile Device Support

With mobile device use in the business world expanding on a daily basis, it is critical that companies have a system in place for mobile device support. Throughout the years, Titan Technologies has steadily built a reputation for providing exceptional support to a variety of mobile devices. Our staff is dedicated to keeping up with business and mobile device upgrades and trends so businesses can be assured they always have the most current and effective technology at their fingertips.

Extensive Support Coverage

From email to general collaboration to custom apps, Titan Technologies will make sure all mobile devices and their applications are functioning at optimal aptitude to help limit device downtime. In addition, we will also handle any application support, software installation, data synchronization, device activation, features and settings assistance, functionality tutorials and upgrades, and troubleshooting that requires attention.

Some of the mobile devices and operating systems that Titan Technologies supports include:

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Windows Mobile

To learn more about our mobile device support, contact us or call us at 213.784.3070 today!

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