On-site IT Support

on-site it support

Internal vs. External IT

Maintaining an internal IT department can be costly, frustrating and often unnecessary. For small to mid-size companies, it often doesn’t make financial sense to maintain an internal IT department when the amount of IT-related work isn’t consistent. Or maybe the hassle of operating an in-house department isn’t appealing to companies that would rather be focusing solely on their core business. In addition, IT employees’ skills often become stagnant after a few years in the same position, and may be inadvertently stunting company growth through a lack a familiarity with the latest technology and trends.

Stress-Free On-site IT Support

Titan Technologies has extensive experience in on-site IT support that is consistently refreshed through the very nature of the profession. The diverse range of work environments enable our employees to acquire technical knowledge from many different sources, ensuring that the most current information is effectively utilized. Whether you’re interested in rebuilding your infrastructure from the ground up or just seeking small changes to improve efficiency, Titan Technologies has the necessary skills to help design, implement and maintain your network in a prompt and professional manner. Take advantage of our free consultation and learn how we can improve and maintain your existing infrastructure through flexible and affordable solutions tailored to your specific business environment.

Titan Technologies’ on-site IT Support services include:

  • Workstation/application support
  • Networking support including internet and LAN/WAN
  • Hardware support including printers, scanners, fax, etc.
  • Server support
  • Email and phone support
  • Business continuity solutions such as data migration
  • Back-up and disaster recovery strategies and implementations

To learn more about our on-site IT support, contact us or call us at 213.784.3070 today!

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