The Titan Advantage

With technology continually changing, it is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to keep ahead of the curve. Oftentimes, companies spend a large amount of time, money and energy attempting to keep current with technology trends and maintain their own IT infrastructure – critical time and energy that could be directed to their core business instead. Businesses need an ally to help give them an edge – a way to stay technologically current while keeping IT overhead low.

Over the years, Titan Technologies has effectively helped businesses maintain their competitive edge while staying within their budgetary means. We are always seeking to give customers the Titan Advantage, which we continually accomplish by ascribing to the following philosophies:

  • Geek-speak moratorium

    At Titan Technologies, we pride ourselves on communicating in the simplest terms possible so you can more easily understand the full scope of your IT options. That’s why we make it a point to avoid “Geek-Speak” to explain technical issues.

  • Predictable pricing plan

    Titan Technologies’ maintenance plans allow customers to choose their monthly service hours based on their specific IT requirements. These plans are offered for a reasonable fixed rate, limiting surprise costs and helping businesses to more accurately predict their IT budget.

  • Quick response time

    When your network is down, every second counts. That’s why Titan Technologies makes it a priority to make sure that all network emergencies are responded to within 30 minutes.

  • No-hassle cancellation policy

    Our specialty is providing superior IT service to businesses at an affordable rate. That includes a no-hassle cancellation policy should you not be satisfied with the quality of service.

  • Fully scalable solutions

    At Titan Technologies, we are known for foreseeing shifts in technology trends so we can better develop adaptable IT systems. We pride ourselves on delivering resilient, modern IT solutions that can grow and change as your business does.

  • Most economical IT department

    We understand that companies want to be sure that they are making the best IT decisions for their business, and that includes the cost. By choosing Titan Technologies to become your IT department, not only are you gaining critical expertise that will help your business excel but you also circumvent many of those added costs that come with operating an internal IT department (payroll taxes, benefits, etc).

  • Trusted support

    Our engineers are readily available to assist with any and all technical issues you might encounter. For network emergencies, we even offer help desk support. Contact us by either email or telephone and we will make sure to address all of your IT needs.

  • Pivotal partner relationships

    Our relationships with a variety of industry-leading technology companies ensure customers are always receiving the latest and greatest services and technology.

  • Long-term customer track record

    The measure of a company’s effectiveness can often be expressed in the number of repeat customers. With over 15 years of active experience in the technology field, Titan Technologies has acquired and retained many customers since the launch of the company.

  • Stellar service – no matter the size

    Customers can be assured that Titan Technologies is comfortable dealing with all types of clientele. Whether you’re a small business in need of periphery support or a representative for a corporate giant – we treat all types and sizes of business with the same level of professionalism and discretion.

To learn more about how Titan Technologies can service your IT needs, contact us or call us at 213.784.3070 today!

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